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Best Credit Card for You According to Your Spending Habits



Nowadays, the market for credit cards is becoming more and more competitive. This makes it difficult to choose a card that would be good for you. Each one offers different benefits and services which might not be of your interest. To make things easier, they have created a list of credit cards that are best suited for particular categories of spending habits.

If you’re a big spender

You might consider getting a credit card with cash back rewards if you’re a big spender. The best cards for that have no annual fee and don’t require you to spend thousands of dollars within the first few months of getting them.

You should also look for cards with low-interest rates (less than 20 percent) and high credit limits so that if something goes wrong and you need some breathing room on your balance, you won’t be left behind in debt.

If you travel a lot

If you travel a lot, there are different types of credit cards that can help you maximize your rewards while on the road. As SoFi experts suggest, “When choosing a rewards card, think about your spending habits and redemption preferences.”

The best travel credit card for you will depend on where and how much you travel, but generally speaking, the more miles or points your card earns per dollar spent and the less expensive it is to use abroad are two key factors to consider.

If you have a lot of debt

If you have a lot of debt, the best credit card for you is one with a low-interest rate. A low-interest rate means that it will take a long time to pay off your debt and you’ll save money by paying off your debt faster.

For example, if you have $10,000 in outstanding debt on a credit card that has an 18% APR and pays 15% cash back rewards, it will take 120 months (10 years) to pay off your balance, but if you use another credit card with an 8% APR and earns 1% cash back rewards on all purchases, it would only take 85 months (7 years).

If you want to earn points or cash back on purchases

Cash-back and points cards can be a great option if you want to earn rewards for your spending.

There are many different types of reward credit cards, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. If you’re looking for cash back on purchases, some best cash back cards page lists the top options from all major issuers. It includes rewards rates based on annual spending and other factors like whether or not you have excellent credit.

If you are a student

If you are a student, a student credit card can be the best option for you. Student credit cards offer many benefits that can help you build a good credit history and get rewards.

Student credit cards are often the best option for young people with little or no credit history. If you’re in your 20s or 30s and have never had an adult-level account, then get started on one now.


The bottom line is that there’s no one-size-fits-all credit card. You should find a card that fits your needs, whether that’s earning rewards or avoiding fees. If you want to make sure you choose the right one for you, take some time to think about how often you use cards and how much money you spend on them each month—and then do some research!

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Effective Debt Recovery Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide



Effective Debt Recovery Strategies

The process of debt recovery can be a challenging task, both legally and practically. Navigating through the complex maze of debtor communication, legal procedures, and financial implications is not for the faint-hearted. Therefore, devising effective strategies for debt recovery is crucial to ensure the financial stability of your business or organization.

Understanding Debt Recovery

Debt recovery refers to the process of seeking the repayment of outstanding debts from individuals or businesses. If not adeptly managed, it can result in substantial financial losses, strained relationships, and in severe cases, may even jeopardize a business’s continuity. Conversely, when effectively handled, debt recovery not only ensures a healthy cash flow but also enhances relationships with clients and suppliers, thereby fostering business growth and prosperity.

Key Debt Recovery Strategies

A variety of tactics can be deployed in the process of debt recovery, each boasting its own set of benefits and drawbacks. These tactics range from initiating straightforward communication with the debtor, proposing settlement alternatives, engaging a collections agency, to resorting to legal action. The selection of the most suitable strategy primarily hinges on the particular details of the debt, the debtor’s specific circumstances, and the financial conditions of your business.

Debt Recovery Strategies in Banks

Banks, as financial institutions managing considerable amounts of debt, have cultivated proficient and effective strategies for debt recovery. These typically encompass a structured approach with clearly delineated stages, starting with initial polite reminders and escalating to more serious measures such as engaging debt collection agencies or resorting to legal avenues. Understanding these strategies can offer valuable insights for any business or individual aiming to recover debts.

Moreover, considering professional assistance from a debt collection agency such as can significantly facilitate the process. Leveraging their expertise can provide a more focused, efficient approach to debt recovery, mirroring the strategic methods employed by banks.

Implementing Your Debt Recovery Strategy

Implementing a debt recovery strategy involves a careful, step-by-step process, which includes:

  1. Debt Assessment: Understand the nature and size of the debt, as well as the debtor’s ability to pay.
  2. Communication: Initiate a respectful and clear dialogue with the debtor about the situation.
  3. Negotiation: Offer possible solutions or payment plans that could make repayment easier for the debtor.
  4. Enforcement: If negotiations fail, you may need to involve a collections agency or consider legal action.
  5. Review: Continually assess the effectiveness of your strategy and make adjustments as needed.


In conclusion, the process of debt recovery, though challenging, is an essential part of maintaining financial stability in a business. By understanding the different strategies available, considering the approach used by banks, and implementing an effective debt recovery plan, you can navigate this complex process with greater ease and confidence. Remember, taking control of debt recovery not only protects your business financially but also contributes to its overall success and growth.

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What are the shoulders and head trading patterns?



Are you familiar with the shoulders and head trading pattern? This strategy has become one of the most popular methods among financial traders looking to capitalise on market trends and make reliable trades. It is alluring for many reasons–it requires minimal adjustment once established parameters are set, it can be used on multiple markets, and it is often favoured for its low-risk structure that allows trades to go through without too much worry of a volatile market turn or other unforeseen issue taking away your earnings.

This article will dive deeper into what makes this pattern so powerful as an investing tool and cover some tips to maximise your potential return while minimising risk. Read on if you’re interested in learning more.

What are the shoulders and head trading patterns?

The shoulders and head trading pattern is a visually stunning way of analysing stock prices over time. This classic pattern involves an attractive visual presentation of rising or falling trends that can be used to determine potential buying opportunities or selling points from a charting perspective. Developed by one of the founders of technical analysis,

According to Richard W. Schabacker, the shoulders and head trading pattern can show impacts on share prices due to news events, earnings reports, analyst opinions, and more. Applying the shoulder and head trading pattern to your research can help you stay ahead when managing your investments in any market.

How to identify the shoulders and head trading pattern

The shoulders and the head trading pattern is easy to identify if you have a basic understanding of forex charting. Generally, the pattern will be composed of three distinct parts:

The left shoulder is the first part of the pattern and consists of a peak or valley in stock prices followed by a reversal or correction. This correction can be seen as the stock price moves back to a point near the starting peak or valley.

The head: This is the second part of the pattern and consists of another peak or valley with more dramatic effects on stock prices than the left shoulder. Generally, this section will show an even more significant reversal from the original peak or valley as investors react to market news and forecasts.

The right shoulder: This is the third part of the pattern and consists of a peak or valley that is generally much lower than both the left shoulder and head. The right shoulder indicates that the forex market has peaked, meaning the stock price will decline shortly afterwards.

Trading strategies using the shoulders and head trading pattern

When using the shoulders and head trading pattern for forex market analysis, it’s crucial to understand how to use this strategy to maximise advantages while minimising risk. Some of the most commonly used strategies when investing with this pattern include:

The sell-the-peak strategy is the opposite of the buy-the-dip strategy. It involves selling stocks at the peak of the head section of the pattern and taking advantage of a potential quick profit before prices start to decline.

The forex martingale strategy is another popular approach used in forex trading when using the shoulders and head trading pattern. It involves doubling your position size if the stock continues to move in a downward trend, thus increasing potential wins even if you are going through a losing streak.

Finally, the forex scalping strategy is used by forex traders who want to take advantage of small price fluctuations within a short period. This strategy involves taking trades from multiple small trades in a short period and is generally used with forex pairs with low spreads.

Overall, the shoulders and head trading pattern can provide investors with invaluable insights into the forex market. Knowing how to identify, analyse, and apply this classic forex pattern can give you an edge in forex trading and can help you maximise your chances of doing well.

Pros of using the shoulder and head trading pattern

There are many advantages to using the shoulders and head trading pattern for forex analysis. These include:

Easy to identify: As long as you have a basic understanding of forex charting, the shoulder and head trading pattern should be easy to spot on most charts. It is an ideal strategy for beginners who want to learn more about forex trading.

Identifies market trends: As the name implies, this pattern helps identify when a trend is beginning or ending in the forex markets. By identifying and predicting these trends, traders can make informed decisions about opening and closing positions for maximum rewards.

Reduces risk: Unlike other strategies, the shoulder and head trading pattern helps reduce risk by allowing traders to make more informed decisions. By identifying potential highs and lows in prices, traders can limit their losses and protect their capital.


The shoulders and head trading pattern is a classic forex analysis strategy that can identify potential market trends and make informed decisions about opening and closing positions. By spotting this pattern’s left, head, and right shoulder, traders can maximise their opportunities while minimizing risk. Ultimately, knowing how to use this powerful tool can give you an edge in forex trading and help you make the most out of your investments.

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Considering the sky-rocketing rent and property costs, renting a luxury apartment in New York has become next to impossible. This applies to the upper working-class population of New York, comprising of young entrepreneurs and business people earning up to a six-figure salary. The current average rental costs for a decent New York luxury apartment fall between $3,000 to $5,000 plus, which working-class New Yorkers cannot afford at the moment.

SS Jemal was among the first few real estate developers to identify this economic disparity and decided to counter it with a brilliant plan – the CENTRAL project. This real estate project aims to make luxury housing affordable for working-class New York residents.

SS Jemal, an honorable citizen of the United States

SS Jemal – Making Luxury Lifestyle Apartments Affordable

Meet SS Jemal – The Mastermind Taking New York’s Luxury Housing Industry by Storm

SS Jemal is a first-generation honorable citizen of the United States. Born to immigrant parents who had settled in the United States of America to fulfill their American dream, SS was the youngest of eight children.

These circumstances forced Jemal to start working from a young age, but he used this to his advantage. SS Jemal’s school years were spent working away at his father’s discount store, where he learned the nitty-gritty of running a business. This proved to be a blessing in disguise. Despite receiving no formal education, SS Jemal racked up his knowledge first by being mentored by his great father Norman N. Jemal and by successfully running and expanding his family’s electronics store network.

With his father’s guidance, direction, vision and great wisdom SS Jemal then started his famous “Nobody Beats the Wiz” electronics store chain. Within a short time span, the retail chain had expanded over six states and was worth billions of dollars in valuation. However, SS Jemal’s thirst for more didn’t end there; he wanted to do his own thing. After the sale of The Wiz in 1997, SS Jemal started his own real estate company and focused on developing waterfront properties. Jemal responded to an RFP for Southpoint on Roosevelt Island and although he was competing against some of the largest national development companies in America, he actually won the bid. His idea stood out among the other participants and was very well received by the board. Ultimately, after 7 years of trying to make a go of this project that he won and earned, the NIMBY’s got him, but Jemal gained a wealth of experience in NYC zoning regulations and established invaluable relationships in the NY real estate industry that today is proving most valuable to him in his newest venture: CENTRAL. SS Jemal has displayed his tenacity and work ethic and refusal to ever give up and seems to be a person who will not be denied success.

SS Jemal’s next idea is trademarked as ‘CENTRAL‘ , with a trademarked slogan mark, “Live, Work, Be Well.”  Now Stephen is all set to build affordable and luxurious apartments in all prime locations throughout Manhattan, giving a high-quality life to the masses. It will not just be a closely guarded possession of elite socialites; SS Jemal along with his oldest son Norman S. Jemal are building something more inclusive and offering a new way of living for the average working-class New Yorker.

Here Is Why New Yorkers Need to Get Excited For the CENTRAL Project

New York’s real estate market is notorious throughout the world for being extremely competitive and expensive. Out of all five boroughs of New York, Manhattan is particularly expensive. Also known as the heart of New York City, Manhattan remains the undisputed financial and social hub of NYC. From small, local coffee shops to the towering skyscrapers of multinational companies, everyone gets a chance to dream their little dream of making it big in The Big Apple here.

SS Jemal spent most of his life in the streets of Brooklyn. He grew up and worked for most of his early life in Harlem. Living in the luxurious homes in Manhattan was a far-fetched dream for him initially, but he knew that one day he would get there.

The idea of CENTRAL stems from Jemal’s past personal life. SS Jemal has had to put in several years of hard work and overcome extreme adversity to get to where he is today. Being a true American patriot at heart, SS Jemal has decided to give back to his community, so they don’t have to work as hard as him to live out their dreams and an six-figure earner who works their tail off will now finally be able to actually afford living in a luxury apartment in Manhattan that is replete with the exact amenities and lifestyle they desire and yearn for.

CENTRAL presented by JemRock Organization

CENTRAL and JemRock logo

CENTRAL is a collaborative project involving many professionals. SS Jemal took the initiative along with his son Norman S. Jemal, the Member and COO of JemRock Organization. They employed the help of many others, architects, designers, planners, experts in the construction business, attorney specialists and real estate professionals, to make this possible. These attorneys added the final legal touches to the project making it totally unique and properly capitalized it is now ready for public launch commencing in Manhattan. As Jemal points out, Manhattan is only the beginning as he plans to expand CENTRAL into several other great cities in America and with his world-class team that he has in place, take this same concept overseas to the greatest cities in the world.

SS Jemal’s brilliance reflects in every project he has established, and the CENTRAL project is no exception. His passion and exuberance for CENTRAL really comes thru and to this writer, this man will not be denied. Making luxury mansions and penthouses in central Manhattan more affordable for working-class Americans, not just the multi-millionaires and billionaires, CENTRAL will redefine the luxury housing industry in New York.

Norman S. Jemal – the Member & COO of JemRock Organization

Norman S. Jemal sitting with brothers Solomon and Richard

The Next Steps? Here’s How SS Jemal’s Future Endeavors Look Like!

CENTRAL’s launch is in the pipeline, and the project will be revealed and open to the general public soon. Currently, the Jemal family is focused on making a grand entrance into New York’s real estate sector with CENTRAL‘s launch. With decades worth of experience in launching successful marketing campaigns for several of his own brands, SS Jemal is planning another exciting curtain-raiser for CENTRAL‘s launch in partnership with the famous George Shea of Shea Communications to create a buzz in the real estate and the marketing world.

It’s important to note that this won’t be the end of the CENTRAL project. SS Jemal has a long-term vision for the expansion of this one-of-a-kind initiative. After launching the program in New York, SSJ plans to expand it across other USA states and eventually release it in other countries to reach a global audience.

SS Jemal has already made waves in New York’s real estate industry, and he’s bound to take the global market by storm with his knowledge, organizational skills, and visionary leadership. Jemal makes sure to consistently note the high caliber of the team he has assembled to execute on his plan from concept to completion and even beyond. Jemal has much pride in his team, their ability to execute and constantly praises and credits them as his strongest asset. I would not bet against this man.

If you want to learn more about the CENTRAL project, stay tuned to this space for more news and updates.

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