You and your computer, silence around you, the lights off, the adrenaline shoots up with every door that closes and with every sound that you don’t really know where it comes from… The world of horror video games has the power to create indescribable sensations in you. If you want to be scared this year, then we bring you a selection of the most anticipated titles of this genre.

Call of Cthulhu

This psychological horror story is inspired by Lovecraft’s mythology, it is a tribute to his work and his symbols. This will allow you to enjoy a terrifying experience without resorting to bloody scenes or simple scares.

This title aims to play with the mind of the protagonist of the story and with the sanity of the player who will be involved in completely unlikely situations. The story has Edward Price as the protagonist, he is a character that you can create yourself and who will be in charge of making you investigate first-hand the events that have taken place in Boston and that have led to the death of an entire family after a fire.

It is available for PC X One and PS4 and will provide you with 10 to 15 hours of gameplay inspired by components frequently used in RPGs. The title will be on sale from October 30 for you to spend a terrifying Halloween.



It is an action and horror game thought in the first person. For the creation of the story, a universe inspired by the work of HR Griger who was in charge of the artistic team of the Alien saga has been taken into account , therefore the script and the setting of the title are presented as one of the most amazing this year.

The game, as indicated by the studio, will be developed in two parts, the first of which is scheduled to go on sale in the last months of 2018 and the second in 2019.

Pathology 2

It will only be available in its PC version and is scheduled to go on sale at the end of the year, although the exact date is unknown. In this case you find yourself facing an apocalyptic threat , the planet only has 12 days left to cease to exist and the protagonist must choose who is saved and with whom he allies to achieve his goal. A deadly plague is threatening the entire city and there seems to be no cure.

The protagonist of this story is a chief doctor who has just discovered that his father has been murdered. In this scenario he must investigate the death of his father and save his own life.


moons of madness

It will be another of the games that will be released in the remainder of the year, but the exact date on which it will go on sale is not yet known. It is a video game available for PC X One and PS4 set on Mars .

According to its creators, the Rock Pocket Games studio, Moons of Madness is inspired by the world of Lovecraft . In this case, the protagonist will be the astronaut Shane Neweheart who will try to save his space station while very strange paranormal phenomena begin to happen around him that will put him to the limit. The game is based on real research done by Space X and NASA.